Grants – List of Grants

Grants from the Friends since 1930 to the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury Cathedral

The total of Friends’ Grants to date is £4,531,316

It is the Friends’ purpose and privilege to help Salisbury Cathedral. Long may our members, through their generosity by subscriptions, donations and bequests, be able to continue this labour of love.

The full list is shown below.

2022166,500£127,000 for external LED lighting £3,000 for cathedral flowers £30,000 for new Chamber organ £6,500 for 2 new large screen televisions and cases
2021128,523£42,000 final payment for visitor entrance/ramp
£200 for Morning Chapel cushions
£72,000 final payment towards Little Paradise
£3,000 for Cathedral flowers
£4,023 restricted to fund choirs & choristers
£3,100 for additional camera for live streaming equipment
£4,200 for restoration of painting of Bishop Geste in the Library
2020164,786£74,000 towards Little Paradise £22,000 for live streaming equipment £3,000 for cathedral flowers £1,000 for the cathedral Christmas trees £36,786 to the Cathedral Recovery Appeal £8,000 towards MRA6 £20,000 first half of Visitor ramp funding
2019115,100£74,000 towards Little Paradise; £20,000 for windows s26 refurbishment; £5,000 for Cathedral flowers; £6,600 for display cases; £5,000 for access ladders for Works Department; £2,500 for uplighters; £2,000 for 'A' frame for grand piano
2018189000£74,000 towards Little Paradise; £3,000 for Cathedral flowers; £6,000 for refurbishment of Mogford model; £106,000 for organ restoration
201798238£74,000 towards Little Paradise; £3,000 for Cathedral flowers; £6,500 towards Cathedral youth choirs; £6,000 cloister lighting; £2,500 digital microphones; £5,000 towards Behind the Library Door Project; £1,238 external Cathedral noticeboard
201684891£74,000 towards Little Paradise - repayment of endowed funds; £3,000 for Cathedral flowers; £816 electric generator for Works Department; £1,745 20 sets of Liturgical vessels; £330 signage for the Mogford Model; £5,000 grant for music (from restricted bequest)
2015101000£74000 towards Little Paradise - repayment of endowed funds; £3000 for Cathedral Flowers; £24000 for Magna Carta projects
201477000£3000 pa for Cathedral Flowers; £74000 towards Little Paradise - repayment of endowed funds
2013409500£2000 pa for Cathedral Flowers; £500 sponsorship of recital SCF; £5000 re-ordering of St Michael's Chapel; £400000 towards Little Paradise
20122000£2000 pa for Cathedral Flowers
20112000£2000 pa for Cathedral Flowers
2010272000£2000 pa for Cathedral Flowers; £270000 'Little Paradise' project - enabling works for replacement of toilet facilities and storage area
2009205000Monument Conservation over 3 years £45000; Quire Lighting £60000; MRP programme £100000
200825000Repairs to Te Deum Frontal £20000; Large Screen TV Monitor £7000 (postponed); Nave Altar works £5000
2007167500External Lighting scheme £130000; Repairs to Medieval Clock £2500; New Cathedral Guide Book £10000; West Front Statue of Canon Ezra £25000
2006346000Monument Conservation (bequest from Mr A Symns) £5000; Fees for Lighting Project £80000; Contribution to the cost of the new Internal Lighting scheme £261000
2005394744£240000 for Major Repair Programme (Chafy Bequest); New chairs £70513; Sound & Loop system £6000; Conservation Plan £22366; West Front Statues £1232; Monument conservation £9170; 75th Anniversary CD £4713; Minor projects £750; first payment for Lighting Project Fees £30000; Trees for Choristers’ Green (Towill Bequest) £10000
2004141015New chairs £51499; sound and loop systems £28901; Conservation Plan £24664; Handrails West staircase £12351; Monument conservation £5629; other projects £2725
200347656New chairs £29174; Monument conservation £7461; Fabric repairs £2559; West Front statues £1598; Sound system £799; Other projects £6065
2002251111£110000 for new visitor centre (Magna Carta Project); Boiler £58306; Monument conservation £16083; West Front statues £15223; Sound system £4000; Cathedral fabric repairs £33518; other projects £13981
200184637Chorister bursary £25000; Sound system £23035; Monument conservation £6;116; Fire doors in roof and tower £6116; other projects £15170
2000245624Sound system £176635; Redevelopment of visitors’ facilities £15000; St Osmund’s Day celebrations £10000; fire doors in roof and tower £13000; apron drainage repairs £8154; other projects £22835
199958226Electrical upgrade £45000; Acoustic survey £7163; other projects £6063
1998198242Eastern Chapel roofs £100000; Electrical upgrade £35000; monument conservation £12359; Vault drains £6000; Boiler repairs £5043; N Transept Chapels £3000; other projects £9000
199719856N Transept chapels £4997; Boiler repairs £9957; Cloister garth £3261; minor projects £1641
199634484N Transept screen £15000; N Transept exhibition £10000; Stone storage area £3800; minor projects £5684
199541396Girl chorister’s bursary £25000; N Transept screen £10000; sound system £5566; minor projects £830
1994139000Cloisters restoration £113500; Cloister roof £3000; heating system £15000; outer vestry refurbishment £7200; minor projects £500
199344190Cloisters restoration £22500; N Transept screen £7500; Triforium roof £10000; switch-gear cupboard £2730; verge cupboard £1460
1992130973Cloisters restoration £18000; North Transept screen £7500; cloister roof £79035; Organ screens £6000; Girls’ choir £5000; Vestry table £4500; Choir Aisle lighting £3500; Copes £5000; Trinity Chapel lighting £2438
199192261Cloisters restoration £13500; Cloister roof £20000; Lighting phase 3 £25300; Vestry refurbishment £22300; Consistory Court door and lighting £4538; Trinity Chapel sound system £2000; Diamond Jubilee vestments £2745; Diamond Jubilee anthem £450; hymn book trolleys £1428
199019000Cloisters restoration £18000; North Porch Door £1;000
198918500Organ fund £10000; North Porch Doors £4000; Cloisters restoration £4500
198852343Lighting (completion of 2nd phase) £16;211;Organ repairs £14;889
198726887Lighting (2nd phase) £24564; humidifier pallets £2323
198636136£35000 towards Spire Appeal; choral scholarship; organ repairs £100
19850No Details Available
198446512Nave lighting
198337816£42316 towards nave lighting
19821000High Altar Frontal
198123815New sound system £12500; Repair of Snetzler organ £3000; Moses window (centre light) £6200; Sanctuary carpet £2000; Seat for The Close £115
198057760Display case and alarm system for Magna Carta £3000;Altar frontals and hangings £1350; carpet and curtain for St Lawrence’s Chapel; repairs to the Moses window; choral scholarship £20000; extension of Cathedral Shop £25000; provisions for high altar cross and candlesticks £2500
197929500Renovation of the organ
197822510First instalment for moving Shop £10000; £2510 for organ repairs
19771033Repair of grand organ swell action
19767101No Details Available
19757852£2000 for fire-fighting
19743815£2000 to Appeal (final payment); fire-fighting £1815
19736401£2000 to Appeal; cost and installation of caravan for visitors’ refreshments in Cloisters £3700; final instalment for lighting in Tower Vault £630
19724222£2000 to Appeal; Tower Vault and Choir lighting £2082; vestments
19717105£2000 to Appeal Fund; compressor for workshops; new desk for Vestry; new vestments; renovation of Tower Vault £1000 (first instalment)
19702458£2008 to Appeal Fund; new amplification system £450
19692000£2000 to Appeal Fund
19682137£2000 to Appeal Fund; coin-counting machine (1/2 cost)
19677460£5000 to Cathedral Appeal; repairs to monuments; masons’ wages; clock maintenance; £1000 to Sinking Fund
19662243£1000 to Sinking Fund
19654790Dust extraction plant (workshops); new switchboard £1100; mason’s wages; clock; oak; renovations to monuments; new hassocks; new candlesticks; oak trees (for seasoning); Sinking Fund for special purpose £1000
19641280Mason’s wages; clock; protective matting; alms chest; oak trees £205; renovation of Sadleir tomb and cleaning of monuments; renovation of Coat of Arms on North Gate
19632956Sub-station £500; Quire heating and lighting; light for Tract Case; and Diocesan Map; amplifiers; raising gear for quire microphones; mason’s wages; repairs to window in S Transept; repainting iron ties; cleaning and polishing machines; bookcase extension; clock
19625082Under-floor heating in Quire £2;500; new case for Snetzler Organ; clock maintenance; masons’ wages; new lighting in Quire £555; new communion rails for High altar £635; new chair and kneeler for vergers; roof ladders; repairs to Close wall; new Litany desk; plate glass to cover frontal in St Edmund’s Chapel; heating in return stalls in Quire.
19611470Mason’s wages; grant towards cost of amplifiers; timber £100; grant for cost of North Porch repairs; contribution towards cost of scaffolding; boiler maintenance; Chapter House & Library
19601676Mason’s wages; maintenance of Clock; oak and lead £282; oak press for muniments; grant towards cost of amplifiers £250; manuscripts purchased for Library; fees; window repairs etc
1959515Mason’s wages; maintenance of Clock; contribution to Embroiderers’ Guild; renovation of organ for chapel
19581770Mason’s wages; repairs to Chapter House gates; pinnacles; windows; maintenance of Clock; general maintenance; purchase of Mortice Machine; contribution towards cost of scaffolding
19571658Mason’s wages; sound amplification; renovation of Ancient Clock £382; repairs to 2 windows in S Transept and to South Choir Triforium roof
19561680Mason’s wages; windows; timber; Chapter House roof; sound amplification £500
19551235Mason’s wages; roof repairs; window repairs; workshop machinery
19546001000 chairs £400; mason’s wages
1952-1953900Mason’s wages; Cloister Roof repairs £500
1951728Mason’s wages; repairs to 2 Clerestory windows; repairs to North Porch Roof
19501851Spire fund; mason’s wages; repairs to 6 Clerestory windows and South Nave windows
1949822Mason’s wages; lighting of Library (balance); repairs; 4 Clerestory windows; easel for notices in North Porch
1948321Mason’s wages; lighting of Library; repairs; Chapter House Roof
1947350Mason’s wages; restoring stained glass
1946890Mason’s wages; restoring stained glass; repairs and renovations in Library
1945723Mason’s wages; repairs to Chapter House windows; refitting stained glass; expenses re Return of Cathedral Treasures on Cessation of Hostilities
1944182Mason’s wages
1943226Mason’s wages; firewatching
19425342 white seats; mason’s wages; firewatching; reserve for replacing ancient glass after the War
1941422Mason’s wages; fire-watching expenses; fabric repairs
1940423Restoration of Hertford monument etc; mason’s wages; re- glazing of 2 windows; repairs
19391126£75 for 500 folding chairs; repair fund; mason’s wages; amplifiers; grant to Guild of Embroiderers
1938490£169 for a year’s wages for a mason; repair Fund and repair to north Gate
19371,194Repair fund; fire appliances; etc
19361,164Spire & Fabric repair fund
1935432Repair fund and final payments on new doorway; fees etc
1934300Organ restoration fund £200; New doorway £100
1933590Cathedral Repair Fund £90; Organ restoration fund £500